Voices of Heritage ~ An Engagement Story

on April 1, 2016
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Every couple remembers their engagement story. It may not be romantic to some, but it’s their story so it’s special to them. Do you remember yours? I sense some smiling going on!

In this, the fourth installment in the Voices of Heritage series, we’ll hear Papa and Granny share their young love and how they got engaged. It’s a treasure to me to hear the love and laughter in their voices as they share it with the boys after more than 60 years at the time of this recording.

If this is your first time to share in this series with us, you may not be aware of how their stories came to be recorded. You can learn all about that in part one of the Voices of Heritage. We hope you enjoy their love and story.

We all have a heritage. Each one unique and valuable. If we’re truthful with ourselves, each heritage having their own “skeletons” whose bones we don’t want to rattle. My family has their share of these, but we cannot be who we are made to be unless we embrace where we come from. This doesn’t mean repeating the past, but learning from it, growing in our lives to leave a better path for those who come behind us.

In remembering the past, we must not put on rose colored glasses. We cannot know exactly what they might have felt or experienced because society was different. The atmosphere in our country was different. Each time, each generation has it’s own experiences which form their actions and behaviors. It’s a pure delight to me to listen to and read the stories of old-timers. You can hear it in their voices, see it in their eyes, feel it in their words…life. Life with it’s trials, joys, fears, their journey. 

Hearing the voices of heritage as my Papa and Granny share their stories with me makes my heart sing and sigh. It brings me happiness and heartache. Such is the way of this life. Such is the journey.

Granny – “We had a lot of fun playing deer and the dog didn’t we?”

“Um Hum”…his memory is triggered. “You remember that time we was comin’ in from church…”


Simple, humble beginnings. I like to think about what they would say if they knew their voices were on the internet. If they knew how many people their stories are touching. I imagine Granny would say it’s not right they should be in the public eye so much, but she would smile and like it. Papa would laugh and think it great fun to hear himself. I hope they knew how important they were to me and my children, are to me and my children. 

Each time we release a new installment, I’m flooded by three kinds of mail and comments. Each one touches me in different ways. Each one is appreciated and thoughtfully responded to.

One is of thanks for reminding them of their own heritage and often they share their stories with me. The second is of thanks, but they had a completely different experience in their family and longed for one like mine. The third is of thanks, but saying how they never knew their grandparents/parents and long for such memories.

My response, though personal to each person, is nonetheless similar. “Leave behind in the lives of those you love what you treasured in yours and even better.” “Leave behind in the lives of those you love what you didn’t have and longed for.” “Leave behind in the lives of those you love what you never knew, but long for.”

What are you leaving behind? Do share your stories with us.

Safe and Happy Journey,

Rhonda and The Pack

TFL Pack

Voices of Heritage
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