7 Decorating Ideas For An Old Fashioned Christmas

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7 Decorating Ideas For An Old Fashioned Christmas

Reminiscing of holidays past and traditions that have been passed down. Moving away from commercialism and returning to the ways of old for a more meaningful holiday season. Embrace an Old Fashioned Christmas with these 7 decorating ideas. 

7 Decorating Ideas For An Old Fashioned Christmas

The holidays are a time for nostalgic memories with family and friends. Handmade gifts, fresh baked goodies, and simple decorations fill the old country home for Christmas. 
Above all, forget the electronics, leave the phones in a basket, unplug, grab a cup of hot coco and gather by the fire. 

I don’t recall one holiday memory about an expensive toy but I fondly remember the time we spent together. It’s time we take back our holidays from the commercial industry and enjoy the ways of old. 

#7 Handmade Stockings

When each child was born in our family, my grandmother would knit a stocking for them.  Each stocking was one of a kind, but they all shared some resemblance. 
On Christmas morning the stockings would be filled with oranges, nuts, and other goodies. Close to 50 years later (and some mending here and there), I still have the stocking my grandmother made for me. 

To make your own hand made stockings, click here for instructions. 

7 Decorating Ideas For An Old Fashioned Christmas

#6 Natural or Recycled Packaging

Back in the days of old, people didn’t spend money on fancy gift bags and wrapping, bows were saved and used year after year. For example, I recall gifts being wrapped in brown grocery sacks, news prints, and even a pillow case. 

To help create an old fashioned Christmas, re-purpose old bags, burlap sacks, brown shopping bags, or even livestock feed bags could make some cute and unique gift wrap. 

7 Decorating Ideas For An Old Fashioned Christmas

#5 Bring The Outdoors In

Deck the hall with boughs of holly, Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la! 
 “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly” has been sung since the Renaissance. In old England, more than the halls were decked with holly boughs. For centuries, people have used nature to decorate for the holidays, from pine cones to holly and berries. In addition to holly and pine, you can also decorate with nuts and fruit, even herbs were used to decorate for the season. 

7 Decorating Ideas For An Old Fashioned Christmas Outdoors

#4 Wood

Speaking about bringing the outdoors in, decorating with wood can be very festive. From using the cut off ends of the tree as ornaments, to filling the wood box with birch logs. 
This adorable Christmas Tree is made with wood scraps, simple yet elegant. 

7 Decorating Ideas for An Old Fashioned Christmas


#3 Feed Pails

Nothing on the farm or homestead gets thrown away without trying to re-purpose it first. This old bucket may not hold water anymore but it makes a perfect tree stand.
In addition, you could use it to hold your firewood or pine cones. 
After you place your tree stand in the bucket and add water to the stand, then arrange wood logs on top to cover the stand for a rustic appeal. 
I’m in love with this rustic and old fashioned look for Christmas.  

7 decorating Ideas For An Old Fashioned Christmas

#2 String Popcorn and Cranberries

A favorite childhood tradition that I have passed down to my own children is stringing popcorn and cranberries. We gather around the table, play some Old Fashioned Christmas Music and string the corn. Each strand is hung on the tree and if we have extra, we decorate the cedar tree by our home. 
Since money was always tight, my grandmother would re-use the tinsel and iron it every year before it went on the tree. I still remember seeing her at the ironing board for what seemed like hours, straightening each strand. 

7 Decorating Ideas For An Old Fashioned Christmas

#1 The Tree

Lastly we end with the star of the show, The Old Fashioned Christmas Tree.
Instead of artificial trees that come in a box, gather the family and an axe (or a shovel) and head out into the woods to find the perfect Old Fashioned Christmas Tree. Enjoy once again, the smell of pine, trimming the branches to use to decorate the front door, and simmering the needles on the wood stove.

7 Decorating Ideas For An Old Fashioned Christmas

A Very Special Thanks to my niece Heather for sharing her Old Fashioned Christmas! 


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7 Decorating Ideas For An Old Fashioned Christmas

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  1. Sarita on November 23, 2018 at 9:41 am

    Love this! I made homemade cross-stitch stockings for my oldest children as well – took years, lol, but they still treasure them. Visiting from the Simple Homestead Blog Hop.

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