Back To Our Roots- The Modern Homesteader

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Has something in your soul been calling you to get back to your roots? Do you have a strong desire to leave the fast-paced society and get your hands in the dirt? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands just like you are wanting to leave their 9-5 in search of a simpler life. To become The Modern Homesteader. 

Back To Our Roots- The Modern Homesteader

There has to be more to life than making money for someone else, being away from home all the time, work all day just to pay bills, RIGHT? 
We have lost the knowledge of our ancestors about preserving food, raising livestock, and making both natural products and food from scratch.
Well, It’s Time to Return to Our Roots. It’s time to reconnect to the land, to learn the forgotten skills, to become self-sufficient and get back to the ways of old. 

Do You Want to Be A Homesteader? 

Raise your hand if this sounds like you

  • You know you want to create a natural and self-sufficient lifestyle for you and your family.
  • A strong desire to reconnect with the land.
  • You want to stop relying on huge corporations, living in fear about what is in your food, and all the secret toxins, GMOs, etc., in store-bought items.
  • You crave learning new self-sufficient skills that are applicable to your lifestyle, no matter where you live.

Is your hand in the air? Then I would like to personally invite you to the Modern Homesteading Summit. This summit is your jump-start into the homesteading world and your life of self-sufficiency. 

This event is FREE and it allows you to watch from home as over 27(!!!) expert homesteaders teach you a huge bunch of amazing tips on how to be self-sufficient with your food, cleaning products, and health.

The Homesteading Summit- Your FREE Online Training

I adopted a motto a long time ago “Those that have the ability to help others, have the moral responsibility to do so”. If we have the knowledge to help others, it is our responsibility to share that knowledge, freely. 
Here’s what I really love about the Modern Homesteading Summit: You can watch the classes at the time that works best for your schedule within a 24 hour period of that presentation. 

For a whole week, starting Sunday, June 10, you will learn valuable skill sets and knowledge FOR FREE from some of the most admirable homesteading experts out there. 

Here’s just a brief overview of the teachers and classes at this Modern Homesteading Summit:

  • Jill Winger, from The Prairie Homestead, about a Home Dairy and Goats & Cows
  • Lisa Steele, from Fresh Eggs Daily, about Creating a Healthy & Productive Chicken Flock
  • Teri Page, from Homestead Honey, about Root Cellar Planting & Storage
  • Laurie Neverman, from Common Sense Homesteading, about Survival Gardening
  • Kathie Lapcevic, from Homespun Seasonal Living, about Preserving Fresh Herbs
  • Amy Stross, from Tenth Acre Farm, about Easy Ways to Add Permaculture to Your Garden
  • Kris Bordessa, from Attainable Sustainable, about Easy Pantry Homemade Versions

This is just a handful of the awesome homesteaders that are going to be doing this Live-Virtual event because they desire to teach you about the path towards self-sufficiency.

The Modern homesteading Summit 2018

From The Farmer’s Lamp

I am also thrilled to announce that I am also doing a presentation at this Modern Homesteading Summit teaching you how to make all your household cleaners with old-timey ingredients. You know, back before they had all of those toxic ingredients. 
Can you see why I’m excited? I CAN’T WAIT to teach you about natural products and self-sufficiency. And I know my fellow homesteaders are just as excited to teach you their skills!

There is so much homesteading knowledge that is going to come out of this Modern Homesteading Summit

What Will The Modern Homesteaders Learn? 

Here is just a small sample of the skills that will be taught: 

  • Home food preservation tips, skills, and knowledge (including: fermentation, canning food, preserving fresh herbs, and more!)
  • Stellar gardening tips that can help you no matter where you live (including: vertical gardening, permaculture, gardening in your golden years, hydroponics and more!)
  • Advice on livestock and homesteading(including: dairy animals, chickens, root cellars, natural medicine cabinets, homesteading preparedness, and more!)
  • Self-Sufficient DIY tips that you can do anywhere! (including: homemade natural cleaning products, homemade cheese, homemade candles, sewing tips, and more!)

This summit event is FREE and works great for your schedule – no matter where you live or what you do- so don’t delay!

Click here to sign up —-> Modern Homesteading Summit FREE registration 

I’m so excited to experience this life-changing event on self-sufficiency and modern homesteading skills. Will you join me?

The Farmer’s Lamp

WAIT! There’s More!

Did you see the 3 bonus gifts you get just for registering? Make sure you grab them here


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