Basic Homestead Skills- Bonus Lesson

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Homestead Basic Skills Bonus Lesson

Basic Homestead Skills

  • Discuss as a family what needs to be done around your homestead in Autumn.
  • Is it similar to what the pioneers had to do? Are all the children of your family involved?
  • Make a list of Autumn chores and start a My Homestead Book in a three ring binder.
  • Add to this as you learn what your family homestead requires. 

The Pioneers and Autumn

  • What did pioneer children do in Autumn?
  • There were a lot of things to get done in Autumn, and the children had to help
  • First and foremost was the harvesting, and any child that was able was expected to help with all aspects of the harvest. 

A Time to Harvest

Autumn also meant butchering time. The men and older boys would butcher cows and pigs and process the meat. The meat was often smoked to preserve it as there was no refrigeration yet. They also had to get the homestead ready for winter – especially laying in a supply or wood or coal for heating and cooking the whole season. 

The women and older girls were busy as well. They were gathering in the crops and storing them in the cellar or the attic. Jams and preserves were made for the winter. They dried fruits for longer storage through the winter. The women would also pickle some of the produce like cucumbers. 

While the older children and parents were doing this work, the younger ones were right alongside them helping as they could. 


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