Homemade Cordial Bread Recipe

Did the title pique your interest? You won’t be disappointed. Fair Warning: This recipe for Cordial Bread is HIGHLY addictive and will cause your waistband to expand. 

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My Favorite Pumpkin Pie Recipe And Tips For Preserving Pumpkin

Bringing a pumpkin pie to a get together is a sure way to be remembered. The spices in the pie bring feelings of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia. TFL’s pumpkin pie recipe is a favorite with family and friends.  Our tips for preserving pumpkin will help you keep the aroma flowing from your kitchen year round. …

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Ma Horton’s Egg Custard Pie

Are you a custard lover or a custard hater? I’ve never found anyone in the middle of the road on the subject of egg custard pie. There are some people who prefer it warm to cold. My husband prefers it cold. Personally, I like it either way!

Growing up, I never realized we had egg custard pie so often because there were so many eggs. I just always thought it was one of our family favorites. Ma Horton was known for her pies and cookie making. You can find her recipes I’ve shared in the “Recipes” menu. She taught my grandmother in turn she taught me.

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