Easy To Make Apron Without A Pattern!

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Easy To Make Apron Without A Pattern!

This easy to make apron without a pattern is a great project for any skill level. I recently taught a friend to sew and this was the first project I gave her to work on. It’s fast, easy, and even the novice seamstress can usually get good results with nothing but scrap fabric, newspaper, and a tape measure. 

Easy To Make Apron Without A Pattern!

I love going through our old family photos and reminiscing about times long past. We don’t have many pictures of my grandmother, as she was always busy with the farm or household chores, but in the few pictures we do have, she is always wearing an apron. This easy to make apron is much like the one she used to wear. 

Supplies For Our Easy To Make Apron

This article is a guest post by my friend Adele Schlemmer 

    • Approximately one yard of fabric.
    • Thread to match your fabric.
    • Scissors
    • Measuring tape
    • Newspaper or any other large paper for making your pattern
    • Marker, pen, or pencil
    • Pins 

Directions For Sewing

Step One

  1. Use the tape measure to measure your waist.  Add 3” to this number and write it down. This is what you’re going to use to make the waistband.  We’ll call this measurement A
  2. Get out a piece of newspaper and cut out a long rectangle 4 inches high and A inches wide.
  3. Now measure from your waist straight down to just below your knees. Call this measurement B
  4. Cut out a large rectangle that’s A by B.  Now cut both pieces out of your fabric.

Step Two

  1. On the big piece, get out a measuring tape and using a marker, crayon, pen, etc. make marks in 1-inch intervals across the top of the large rectangle.   
  2. Pinch shut every other interval and pin it in place.  These are your pleats. You can make them all face one direction, or another or make half of them face one way and half face the other. I prefer to pleat towards the center.
  3. Stitch the pleats in place so you don’t have to mess with them later.
  4. Make a narrow ¼’ hem around the other three sides of the apron body.  Now you’re finished with the main part.

Step Three for Our Easy To Make Apron

  1. On the waistband, make a mark two inches from the corner on the long edge.  
  2. Line this mark on the edge of the apron body on the right side of the fabric.
  3. Stitch the waistband to the body.

Step Four

  1. Now fold the waistband in half, ignoring the fact that a good chunk of it is now attached to something else.  
  2. Stitch the edges that are NOT already sewn to the body together.

Step Five of The Easy To Make Apron

  1. Flip the waistband inside out. 
  2. Stitch the loose end (the end not sewn up in the tube) to the apron body.

Step Six

  1. There should be one stubby end on the opposite side of the “tube” end. Simply tuck the loose ends under and sew into place.

Step Seven For Your Easy To Make Apron

  1. Add your closure of choice. I usually do buttons and buttonholes. Some people just close it with a pin, some use hooks and eyes.

Your Easy To Make Apron Is Now Finished- Enjoy!

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Easy To Make Apron Without A Pattern!


About The Author

Easy to make apron without a pattern. Adelle is a metallurgist, mommy, seamstress and small-scale homesteader in northern Indiana. 


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