From FREE To Farmhouse Fabulous! DIY Farmhouse Table

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From FREE To Farmhouse Fabulous! DIY Farmhouse Table

You don’t have to spend a fortune to turn old furniture into farmhouse fabulous decor. With just a few steps and a couple of hours, you can turn an old table into a DIY farmhouse masterpiece. 

From FREE To Farmhouse Fabulous! DIY Farmhouse Table

When we first moved to our homestead in the mountains we didn’t have any furniture, a friend gifted me these two end tables that needed some love, and I knew just what to do.

Part of our contracting business was re-finishing furniture for interior designers and refurbishing antique furniture. We’ve taken lots of furniture that was headed for the dump and gave them new life. I will show you step-by-step how to create your own farmhouse table that will make you look like a pro. 

Where to Find Furniture

You may already own a piece of furniture you would like to turn into farmhouse fabulous. If you don’t already own a piece you want to paint, you may be able to find a something to refinish from:

  • Local Recycling Center
  • Thrift Shop or Good Will
  • Yard Sale
  • Ask a friend or family member
  • The side of the road on trash pick-up day (you would be surprised what people throw away). 

Farmhouse Furniture Supply List

When looking for an end table in the color I wanted, the cheapest one I could find online was $75.00, and I needed two!!
I was able to create this project for less than $10 saving me over $140.00 – talk about a frugal DIY. 

    • Wood Furniture (no plastic or fake wood)
    • Sandpaper or a Scuff Pad. I used 220 grit sandpaper. 
    • Chalk Paint in a spray can. I used one can for this end table, you may need more than one can if your project is bigger. 
    • Dust rag or an old dry paintbrush 
    • Drop cloth, a large piece of cardboard, newspaper or an old plastic shower curtain.
    • Four small scrap pieces of wood to set the legs on. 
    • Basic tool kit

Farmhouse Furniture Prep

This project only took a few hours from beginning to end, and that included waiting for the paint to dry. 

  • Paint in an area that is completely ventilated, I painted my table outside on a large section of bubble wrap.
  • If you are painting outside, make sure you do it on a day that the wind isn’t blowing hard and there is no chance of rain.
  • Remove any hardware from your furniture, such as knobs, pulls, etc. 
  • Tighten any loose legs, drawers, arms, etc. Secure with screws and wood glue if needed.
  • Place your drop cloth on the ground/floor in a well-ventilated area (Do not paint indoors).

Farmhouse Furniture Directions

  1. Place your piece of furniture on the 4 small blocks (to keep furniture from touching the ground) on your drop cloth
  2. Flip it upside down and lightly sand all the surfaces
  3. Place right side up and repeat
  4. Use your dust brush or rag and wipe the dust off the entire piece, making sure to remove all the debris
  5. Follow the spraying instructions on your chalk paint can
  6. Shake vigorously for a couple of mins
  7. Turn furniture upside down again to paint the bottom first. 
  8. When painting with a spray can it is important to use a sweeping motion when holding down the button. Do not hold the can in one place and spray. This will cause the paint to drip. 
  9. Move your hand back and forth 10-12″ away from the furniture, holding the button down spaying the paint. 
  10. You will have to paint a couple of coats so don’t worry about getting complete coverage the first time. 
  11. Spray from one side of the furniture and move to the other side. 
  12. Continue these steps until you have painted all four sides. 
  13. Let dry 30 mins then flip over to paint the top. 
  14. Repeat steps 9-11
  15. After you are satisfied with the coverage, let dry completely.
  16. Don’t worry if there are a few thin spots, we are going to sand it anyways

Farmhouse Furniture Distressing

Now you can leave your piece of furniture pretty with a fresh coat of paint, or you can give it that real, worn farmhouse look that says it’s been around for generations. 

If the paint on your furniture has completely dried, it’s time to distress. 

When I distress a piece of furniture, there are several things I take into consideration when deciding on where to sand. 

  1. The edges and corners
  2. Where the paint is thin
  3. And finally, where you would normally see wear on a piece from years of use. 
  • Begin distressing your farmhouse furniture by folding your sandpaper so it fits comfortably in your hand.
  • Lightly apply pressure as you begin to sand the edges. 
  • Now, stand back and look at it from all different sides. Do you need to sand more off? Are you happy with how it looks? 
  • As you sand, remove sanding dust with your dustbrush or rag. 
  • If you are finished distressing, let you furniture set overnight before normal use so the paint can harden. 

Now you can enjoy your fabulous Farmhouse Furniture!!!



From FREE To Farmhouse Fabulous! DIY Farmhouse Table

Chalk Paint- I used Serenity Blue by RUST-OLEUM

From FREE To Farmhouse Fabulous! DIY Farmhouse Table

Paint Multiple Coats to Cover- picture below is after one coat. 

From FREE To Farmhouse Fabulous! DIY Farmhouse Table


Distress the Edges and Normal Wear Areas

From FREE To Farmhouse Fabulous! DIY Farmhouse Table

Finished Farmhouse DIY Table!

 From FREE To Farmhouse Fabulous! DIY Farmhouse Table

Do You Have A Farmhouse DIY Project to Share? 

I love doing everything DIY, I mean everything. I’m not a fan of paying full retail, especially when people are just throwing away perfectly good things every day. I would love for you to share some projects for me to try. Just shoot me an email at:

From FREE To Farmhouse Fabulous! DIY Farmhouse Table



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