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Helpful Kitchen Tips


The Best Milk To Do The Body Good

By Amber | May 20, 2016

How Does The A1/A2 Debate Affect My Milk Choice? I grew up on fresh milk. From the cow to the glass. Papa taught me to milk before I was 7 years old. Betsy, the jersey milk cow was the first cow I milked. Who knew there’s a best milk for the body? I took for…

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a happy thanksgiving without the belly ache

A Happy Thanksgiving Without the Belly Ache

By Amber | Nov 5, 2015

Can we enjoy all the trimming of Thanksgiving without experiencing the physical trauma of over eating? Yes, we can! Let’s talk about how to do that.

As the day fast approaches and the preparations are in full swing, I wanted to share a few tips to help the day be as full and rich as possible for you. As you know, we are a no processed, non-GMO, organic household and we’re having the traditional dinner with all the trimmings.

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Cast Iron Collection

Everything You Need to Know About Cast Iron

By Amber | Feb 4, 2015

Cast iron cookware is my cookware of choice mostly because it’s what I learned to cook on. Many people are unsure of its use and care and this keeps them from using it. But after the initial seasoning, it doesn’t require much more care than any modern-day cookware. We’re going to remove any fear or uncertainty surrounding the care and use of cast-iron so that you can enjoy cookware that will be here for generations.

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Eggs in basket

About Egg Washing and Storage

By Amber | Jan 8, 2015

Egg washing and egg storage are the two most controversial egg related topics among avid chicken keepers. One side says you should wash every egg before you store it; while the other side says only wash a really dirty egg and only wash them just before use. One side says you should refrigerate your eggs asap; the other side says no refrigeration is needed. After our last article on determining if an egg is fresh, I had many questions about the washing and storing of eggs. This inspired me to take a good look at these two topics with you.

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Don’t Reach For Your Baking Soda Until You Read This!

By Amber | Nov 7, 2014

Please, don’t reach for your box of baking soda until you read this post. If I had not become aware of the dangers of GMOs and all the other poisons in our food supply, I would probably have never asked myself about the origin of baking soda. I mean, it’s baking soda, there wouldn’t be a reason for anyone to mess with that, right? Wrong.

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10 Ways We Use Organic Coconut Oil

By Amber | Nov 4, 2014

Here in the U.S., organic coconut oil and its many uses are a hot topic. The health benefits of organic coconut oil are to many for me to list here in this article, but I wanted to share with you some of the top reasons why I use it and why you should be using it too.

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