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2016 Guide to Homestead Shops For ALL Your Gift Giving Needs


Can you remember your favorite Christmas gift ever? I bet it was something handmade, wasn’t it? In our modern day, hand crafted items aren’t considered mainstream, but I’m for supporting local, homestead, small shops, especially during the holiday season.

In our economic and socially trying times here in the U.S.A., more and more people are cutting their gift list down to a small circle of family and friends. More thoughtfulness is going into the gift than just plucking something off the shelf.

I don’t make many homemade items, but I know some wonderful people who do. They not only make them, but they sell them right from their homestead or online shop. This year, put some thought into the gifts you give and choose to shop homestead local this holiday season.

To help you find the thoughtful handmade gift you’re looking for, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite homestead shops. There may be a mom and pop store in your area who carry locally made items, you may have a skilled craftsman locally who could make a gift for you, you may find the perfect gift among this list of my favorites. Whoever you’re looking to buy a gift for, check out these options and support homestead shops.

Homestead Based Etsy Shops:

shop homestead local


Free Range Yarn– I’ve used their high-quality yarn and needles for knitting and crocheting. Janet has added so many pretty colors it’s hard to choose. A big part of the fun of buying from Free Range Yarn is being able to see stories and photos of the sheep and goats on Instagram and Facebook.





shop homestead local



Simple Life Mom is a long time favorite of mine. Her all natural products include soaps, makeup, anti-aging, shampoos, and more! She has products available for men as well. You can’t go wrong with anything you choose from her line.





shop homestead local

SchneiderPeeps has the most beautiful handmade baskets. I started collecting baskets when my grandmother gave me some from her own collection. The burlap bags are lovely and practical. Anyone would love to receive any item from their shop. I saw an announcement on her shop saying they will be on vacation from December 5th until the new year so keep this in mind when you place your order.






shop homestead local



The Rustic Ruffle’s customizable wooden signs add a special touch to any home. From holiday signs to wedding signs. The crochet items are too cute to describe, you have to check them out for yourself!





shop homestead local


Reformation Acres has gifts for everyone. I love their aprons! They even offer gift certificates. I’m sure you’ll find a perfect gift in their shop for someone on your list.






Homestead Blogger Shops

shop homestead local



Idlewild Alaska has produced this beautiful calendar for 2017. I ordered mine and a few extra as gifts. The photos are as lovely as you would expect from Alaska which makes them appreciated gifts.





shop homestead localGame and Garden and StacyLyn Harris offer you elegant and practical kitchen helps like hand-hewn spoons, bowls, and cutting boards. I’m especially in love with the cypress serving platter. You can find all of Stacy’s cookbooks and even aprons. Anyone would be touched by a gift from this shop.




shop homestead local


TrayerWilderness has a wide range of gift ideas from survival gear to hand forged items. I’ve had the privilege of watching Glen forge some of these items and his skill is amazing. You’ll find gifts for everyone on your list, I’m sure.






shop homestead local


The Coastal Homestead offers unique gift ideas from jams and jellies, food items to household cleaners and my personal favorite, the Luffa soap, and crocheted gifts. You won’t have trouble finding something for that hard to shop for person on your list.






shop homestead local



A Chick and Her Garden sells these cool signs painted on slate shingles. There are signs for all seasons. Who wouldn’t want to hang one of these on their home?





Shop Homestead Local


Rosevine Cottage Girls shares their gorgeous photos on everything from t-shirts to iPhone covers. You can order postcards, stationary or bags and many other items to share and display their beauty. It will not be difficult to find the perfect gift.






Help Your Own Favorite Bloggers

If you have a favorite homestead blogger who doesn’t have a shop or homemade items to sell, consider using the affiliate links on their site to support them this holiday season. Many bloggers have links to Amazon and other shopping outlets. If you use their link, they receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s a great way to help support those who work hard to help you learn and live the self-sustaining lifestyle you want.

I hope you and your family have a blessed and love filled holiday season and find the gifts to match the love in your heart.

Safe and Happy Journey,

Rhonda and The Pack



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