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Cats & Dogs: Animals on the Homestead

February Week 3 Lesson 4 Cats and Dogs Language Arts Preschool/Kindergarten  Have your child write the words DOG and CAT. Teach them those words are nouns. Have them come up with adjectives and verbs to go with dog and cat to make sentences. Teach them sentences end with periods.  Grade School/High School  Write a paper…

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What is Parvo In My Dog? Can I Catch It?

One of the first questions people ask is, “Can humans get parvo?” Let’s dive into the scary world of parvo to find the answers to this and many of your other questions.

We’ve only experienced parvo once on the farm and that was enough to last a lifetime. We had taken in a dog belonging to a relative. She had been kept in poor conditions and, unknown to us, was carrying parvo.

Fortunately, the dogs we had were healthy and able to survive but it was touch and go. Parvo is a heartbreaking disease and has many strains among living creatures, even humans.

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Roxie’s Story

  Roxanne “Roxie” Sweetie Pie Crank Stop and Smell the Flowers This is kind of a different blog post for me, but I really wanted to share this story with you. Almost 3 months ago, my husband saw a sign at our farm supply store for blue pit bulls for sale. He had been looking…

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