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How We Chop Wood To Save Time And Energy


Is there anything as warm and inviting as a fire in the wood stove or fireplace? The smell of hickory or oak smoke in the air…how thankful I am for such fond memories. Even today, when I smell the smoke from the fire I feel warmth in my soul, not just on my cold body.

Who hasn’t stood in front of the fire roasting the front of yourself then turning to warm the backside? Did you play chicken in front of the heater to see who could stand there the longest?

Granny had a wood cook stove she used during the winter. They also had a fireplace or wood heater all my growing up years. This meant someone had to chop wood. Thankfully, it wasn’t considered a job for a girl!

My Papa said, “When you chop wood it’ll warm you twice. Once when you split it and once when you burn it.”

You’ll think we’re weird when I tell you we both enjoy chopping wood. My husband would say it’s relaxing and provides great exercise.

We (I use this term loosely of course) put our heads together to share some tips we’ve learned over the years on how to chop wood to save time and energy.

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