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Homestead Act

  What is Homesteading? Why do people want to Homestead?  The meaning of homesteading has changed over the years. It used to be  a free government land program and skills to live like a pioneer. Now it is  more of a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. The dictionary says it is life as a  settler on a homestead and the…

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The BEST Tips & Tricks to Drying & Storing Firewood

When J was a little boy, many moons ago. He and his siblings were bringing firewood in without gloves and his little fingers were frostbitten. Even now, he has to be careful in the cold because his fingers will hurt badly if not kept warm.

Winter is fast approaching here in the panhandle of Idaho. The pass and upper elevation have already seen snow. I hope you’ve gotten all your wood stacked and dried.

If you’ve used wood as your heating or cooking source for any length of time, then you know the key to heat production is in properly drying and storing firewood.

We’ve want to share what we’ve learned with you over the years about drying and storing firewood.

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Choosing the Best Trees for Firewood

If you’re going to put out the energy and time to cut, split, and properly store firewood, you want to know you’re being as efficient as possible. No use wasting valuable time when there might be an easier way, right? The question is, how do you know which are the best trees for firewood.

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