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7 Stuffing or Dressing Recipes Just in Time For the Holidays

Every Thanksgiving and sometimes on Christmas, my boys and I have the debate…you know…is it stuffing or dressing? What do we call the mainstay dish of our holiday traditions? The boys say it isn’t stuffing unless it’s stuffed in the bird, I say it can be called either and be correct.

I grew up calling it stuffing whether it was in the bird or in the pan. Do you call it stuffing or dressing at your house? It really doesn’t matter what side of the debate we land on, we all love to call it delicious holiday goodness! Here are some of the fresh, delicious takes on the dish which are sure to leave your family with happy tummies this holiday season.

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A Happy Thanksgiving Without the Belly Ache

Can we enjoy all the trimming of Thanksgiving without experiencing the physical trauma of over eating? Yes, we can! Let’s talk about how to do that.

As the day fast approaches and the preparations are in full swing, I wanted to share a few tips to help the day be as full and rich as possible for you. As you know, we are a no processed, non-GMO, organic household and we’re having the traditional dinner with all the trimmings.

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Make Your Own Cream of Mushroom Soup

So why would you want to make your own cream of mushroom soup? We don’t use processed foods any more. This meant I had to come up with a recipe for cream of mushroom soup. The stuff in the can is of course processed.

Cream of mushroom soup is a major part of many casseroles. What would the holiday meals be without it? The homemade version is so rich and dreamily, creamy. The taste and texture it gives my casseroles makes them better than ever before.

As with all my recipes, I use organic, non-gmo ingredients. Don’t worry, if you prefer to use conventional ingredients they’ll work too!

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