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Favorite Sayings of Old-Timey Weather Prediction


Old-Timey weather prediction often proves as reliable, if not more so, than today’s hit and miss predictions. Have you ever wondered how the old-timers predicted weather? Old-timey weather prediction was part science and part wise tales.

The weather plays an important role in the life of a homesteader. We find ourselves checking the weather forecast frequently. It helps us plan our days and save those inside chores for when it’s nasty outside. Some things just have to be done no matter what the weather, but knowing what’s ahead is a helpful tool. I enjoy reading reading about and utilizing old-timey weather prediction. Although they probably didn’t know or understand the real science behind them, they knew they worked. Knowledge and information handed down generation to generation became lost as we had weather forecasts on our televisions and radios. We even have whole channels dedicated solely to the weather.

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