10 Ways We Use Organic Coconut Oil

on November 4, 2014

Thought you should know. I link to products and services that I love from time to time. Some of these links I have an affiliate relationship with. What does that mean? I may make a small percentage from any purchases you make, but don't worry, you won't pay even a penny more.

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Coconut-Oil-Health-BenefitsHere in the U.S., Coconut oil and its many uses are a hot topic. Over the past few years, people here have become aware of its many benefits. The truth is, to the majority of the world, the use of coconut oil has been an established part of their culture for centuries.  The health benefits of organic coconut oil are too many for me to list here in this article, but I wanted to share with you some of the top reasons why I use it and why you should be using it too.

There are many brands on the market, but knowing about the method used for expressing the oil is essential to making a wise choice. I buy my coconut oil from Tropical Traditions. Yes, I’m in their affiliate program, but that’s only because I have used their products for years and have experienced the quality and health benefits first hand for myself and my family.  I’m not saying they are the only source available, I am just saying they’re our choice.

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If you would like to  do more research on coconut oil, I recommend these sites: CoconutOil.com,  and NaturalNews.Com.  I have always told you not to take my word for it. It’s your health and that of your family. You are responsible for that, so do your research and make the best decision for you and your family.

Now, for the ways we use organic coconut oil.

  1. Cooking – I use coconut oil for frying, although we don’t often fry foods. Heat doesn’t make coconut oil rancid like it does other oils. This means it won’t cause free radicals in the food. I replace butter in homemade tortillas and pie crust with coconut oil. Use it to replace lard or butter in most any recipe. It replaces all oils, liquids or solids.
  2. Seasoning of my cast iron – When I have a piece of cast iron that needs its seasoning refreshed, I rub a little coconut oil onto the cast iron and put it in a 350 degree oven for about 30 mins. When I started using coconut oil instead of other “processed” products. I found that my cast iron holds a seasoning longer.
  3. Moisturizer – I make most of my beauty care products and coconut oil is the base for all of these. See our posts on More Healthy Skin Care Recipes. I was really creative with those titles, wasn’t I?
  4. Furniture polish – 1/4 cup melted coconut oil, 4 Tablespoons ACV, and a few drops of the essential oil of your choice. I like scotch pine in mine. Put in a spray bottle and shake well. If you don’t use it all, no worries, just shake it well before each use. Spray on wood and wipe with a clean cloth. I sometimes just spray my rag and wipe. Leah over at Fabulous Farm Girl has a really nice recipe for furniture polish.
  5. Shaving cream – You will not believe the smoothness of your legs. I do have to tell you it does clog the razor so be sure you have access to really hot water to rinse the razor in while shaving. I find that when I use this recipe, I go longer between shaves which is a good thing and I don’t have razor bumps under my arms (yuc!)   This also make an excellent foot softener. Just rub it into your feet and put on some socks!edited beauty products
  6. Makeup Remover/facial cleanser I just couldn’t imagine that anything I made myself could really remove all the dirt and makeup. I also could not reconcile how an oil based product would be good for my skin. Boy was I wrong! I have to say this has really helped to transform my skin. It has a healthy glow, is clearer, and dare I say I look younger!  
  7. Toothpaste – Mix together 6 Tablespoons of organic coconut oil, 6 Tablespoons of baking soda (natural, not the man made stuff), and 15-25 drops of peppermint or spearmint pure essential oil; how much just depends on your taste. We use this and baking soda with hydrogen peroxide for toothpaste and have seen our gums become healthier and our smiles whiter.
  8. As a better alternative to fossil fuel propellants to start a fire – Soak cotton balls in melted coconut oil. I let them sit on the counter, or some other cool place until the oil begins to kinda harden back up and then I put them in a glass jar and put the lid on tight. When you are ready to start a fire, add a couple to your kindling and give it a light.
  9. I use it on my animals here on the farm – If I need to soothe an irritation, or dry itchy skin, especially on Roxie, I just rub some onto the affected (not bleeding or cut) area and it gives instant, long lasting relief.Roxie
  10. Non-dairy creamer – Add one-half teaspoon of coconut oil and one-half teaspoon of coconut cream concentrate to your coffee or tea for a delicious and healthy drink. The health benefits of doing this include mental alertness (I can use all of that I can get), help with allergies, stronger nails, healthier hair, keeps the intestinal tract calm and moving smoothly, just to name a few benefits we have experienced since adding this to our diet.  It also helps control diabetes, lower cholesterol, and IBS (my youngest son suffered from this when he was a teenager, now he doesn’t).

There are so many things coconut oil is good for. By using coconut oil, we’re adding a healthy fat to our diets which our bodies need to carry out certain “missions.” God designed a perfect body, we cause many of our own problems by what we put into it and expose it to. I like to give it all the help I can!

Check out our YouTube Playlist for more information on coconut oil.

How do you use coconut oil? Do you have a favorite brand?  Be sure to share your experience with us.

Safe and Happy Journey,

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