A Happy Thanksgiving Without the Belly Ache

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Can we enjoy all the trimming of Thanksgiving without experiencing the physical trauma of over eating? Yes we can!

a happy thanksgiving without the belly ache

This is a post from last year. I hope it helps you prepare for the whirl of upcoming events during the holiday season.

Well, can you believe it?  Thanksgiving is here again. Just as fall is my favorite season, Thanksgiving has to be my favorite holiday, yes, even as much as Christmas, maybe even more.  It’s not just a time to be thankful, as we are to be thankful all the time, but it’s a time to reflect and remember the last year.

I find myself remembering some of the many times I have failed to be thankful. We often think of being thankful for the things we perceive as good, but how about the many things we perceive as “bad”? Our perceptions are so easily influenced by the emotions and circumstances we find ourselves in.

The reality is difficult times can serve as tools to enrich, encourage, and deepen our lives. They are for our good. This is a hard thing to learn: “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you (1 Thessalonians 5:18).”

As the day fast approaches and preparations are in full swing there are a few tips to help the day be as full and rich as possible for you and your loved ones.  As you know, we are a no processed, non-GMO, organic household and we’re having the traditional dinner with all the trimmings.  I say that to encourage you to eat as healthily as you can this holiday season.

To ensure we can all enjoy it and not “suffer” afterwards, we practice a few things I will share with you.

1.  Early Afternoon Meal. Most of us do it anyway, but be sure the meal is early afternoon. Your digestion is the strongest in the afternoon and it’s the best time to be filling up.

2.  Eat a light, healthy, balanced breakfast.  This way, your breakfast will be digested and you will be ready to eat, but don’t sit down to lunch hungry.  You will eat too quickly and this will fill you up too fast.

3.  Take the time to chew and relax.  Lay your fork down between bites and talk with family and friends. The slower you eat, the slower your stomach expands and you can continue eating without the pain of overeating.

4.  Drink a tall glass of water 20 minutes before the meal to pre-hydrate the stomach and cause your stomach to make more acid.  If you have ginger tea, this is a great way to rev up the fires of digestion.

5.  Something I learned from Dr. John Douillard: after you eat, lie on your left side for 10-15 minutes.  Not longer like a whole nap, but just this short period of time. Doing this will allow the stomach to empty easily and without stress. Maybe even take a short walk or stroll.


Don’t drink ice water with the meal

Take some time for thanksgiving and calming conversation before you begin

Don’t eat while watching television

Don’t eat standing up

Don’t eat a bunch of bread first, this will fill you up and it’s harder to digest than you think.

I hope these tips increase your enjoyment of the day.  We are thankful for you and all you bring to our journey.  If you enjoy these tips, please share them with your family and friends. Share your own tips in the comments below.

You can contact me with any questions or concerns.

Safe and Happy Journey,

Rhonda and The Pack

The Farmer's Lamp Pack

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  1. Angie on November 17, 2014 at 7:33 am

    Thank you for these tips! I think you hit the nail on the head – just relax, visit, enjoy the company, and eat slowly. That’s a perfect “recipe” for Thanksgiving!

    Have a wonderful holiday and thank you for such a thoughtful post.

  2. Angi @ SchneiderPeeps on November 19, 2014 at 9:18 am

    Great reminders, there is nothing worse than feeling bad because you ate too much. This year we will have a very full house as it’s the year that my son and his family and my brother in law and his family will be with us. Thanks for sharing with us at Simple Lives Thursday; hope to see you again this week.

    • Rhonda on November 19, 2014 at 9:32 am

      Angie, Sounds like you will have a house full! Good for you. I will be thinking of you as you prepare. I am thankful for all your many kindnesses and encouragements. We’re kind of neighbors too! Happy Thanksgiving.

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