What is Earthing? Should You Be Doing It?

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Think back to when you were a kid. Can you remember how you felt walking barefoot through the grass and dirt? What about going to the beach? You had to take your shoes off and set your feet in the warm sand, didn’t you? Do you recall how you felt alive, invigorated, healthier? When you walk barefoot on the Earth, you’ll sense energy, life, and well-being rising up through you.

This direct contact of the human body with the ground is called Earthing.  It’s reconnecting with the healing energy flowing from the Earth. Technically, earthing is defined as putting your naked feet and/or hands in direct contact with the ground. It can be dirt, grass, sand, or concrete. The effects are increased when the surface is damp. Earthing is also called grounding. 

Yes, I am a child of the 60’s, but earthing isn’t new. As a matter of fact, recent research has explained what this natural process is and why it happens.  Everything about the human body functions electrically.

How Does Earthing Work?

Your body is electrical and our planet is electrical. This makes them share a bond. Our bodies are designed with conductive systems which carry electrons from the Earth through our feet to the rest of the body. The Earth provides the negative charge and subtle electrical fields needed by the body for proper functioning of the immune system, circulation systems, biorhythm, stress reduction, and  a number of  other physiological processes of the body

In the past, people often walked barefooted or in shoes made entirely of leather.  Leather is a natural conductor so electrons pass through it to the body maintaining conductivity. People often slept in direct contact with the ground and most of their life was lived outdoors. Today, most people work and live indoors the majority of their lives. Most of our shoes are made with rubber soles today. Rubber is a grounding substance so the natural electrical currents flow between the earth and our body. 

As a young girl, I was barefooted most of the time. My grandmother had one rule about wearing shoes around the farm. If you went into any part of the barnyard you’d better have shoes. You better not get caught without them in any section of the pastures or barn. We knew not to disobey her rule! I didn’t even think about how I felt, much less know the health benefits I was receiving. It was what we did and we liked it that way.

I’m older now, but do I still go barefoot? Absolutely! You’ll find me barefoot while working in the garden and most often without my garden gloves.  We have free ranging animals so I don’t go barefoot around the farm. We have one patch of Zoysia grass we keep animal free so we can have a place to sit, lay, or stand when we feel like we need some earthing time.

Many years back, I happened upon an article by Dr. John Douillard about earthing. Because of the various health benefits he said came from earthing, I was interested. Although I  this is what I was already doing, I realized we weren’t taking full advantage of this vital process. To answer my questions about earthing, I did a bit of research. 

Earthing is important to the human body

We live in a world surrounded by electromagnetic fields. In the wiring of our buildings, the electronic gadgets which fill our homes, wireless routers, satellite TV, even our cordless telephones, we’re surrounded by electromagnetic pollution. Electromagnetic fields are everywhere and simply can’t be avoided unless we take drastic steps to remove them by purposefully living a life free from all modern conveniences.  But the radio and satellite signals are all through the atmosphere meaning there’s still exposure.

Electromagnetic fields create abnormal frequencies which hinder the natural processes of the body. Exposure to these fields is associated with many health problems. Inflammation in the body and the various chronic diseases resulting from it, like arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many more, is in the vanguard of scientific study associated with the need for earthing.

Earthing reduces the effects of electromagnetic fields.  Free radicals are involved in long-term inflammation. Herbal and holistic specialists say by not earthing, we’re not taking advantage of free access to the best antioxidant on earth. Earthing is proven to improve energy, boost your immune system, promote more rapid healing, and reduce anxiety. Connecting to the electron-enriched earth, allows your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to balance. The transfer of negatively charged electrons from the earth into your body neutralizes free radicals which have a positive charge.

Below our feet is the power our bodies require to do so many of its essential functions. What’s more amazing is the fact that it’s free! No prescriptions, no drugs, no toxins. All you have to do is take off your shoes, remove your gloves and stand, sit, or walk on our planet!


How Do I Earth?

It’s possible for you to feel it working virtually instantaneously while certain effects will be felt within minutes. The first thing to do is remove your shoes and socks. Now, take a walk or sit on the ground and place the soles of your feet in direct contact with the ground.  Sit, lay, stand, and walk on the ground for a minimum of half an hour a day to receive the maximum benefit.  Why not try it for yourself and see exactly what a difference it makes in your anxiety and pain levels.

A wet surface is a better conductor of electrons between the earth and your body. When you work or live in town, try walking barefoot on the pavement. I am certain you will receive some looks, but perhaps you will create a trend. I would suggest finding a clean spot, if you can find one. Another alternative is to invest in conductive foot wear. NOTE: Surfaces which are non-conductive are vinyl, asphalt and wood. You will receive no benefit from being in contact with these. 

Indoor Earthing

Since I’m a country girl, I’ve plenty of opportunities for earthing, but many people don’t. Some people love being in the city and there are those who have health issues which prevent them from getting out much.  For those individuals, there are indoor grounding systems. Mats, bed sheets, and body bands to name a few. Using these, you’ll get many of the same benefits of earthing while watching TV, sitting at your desk, as well as sleeping.

We have some videos for you on our YouTube playlists “Your Health” and “Let’s Talk Dirt”. We added these so you can do more research for yourself.



Because earthing impacts so many bodily functions, it’s recommended anyone taking medications for thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure, or blood thinners consult their physician before using any indoor earthing products. Your medications should be monitored by them and adjustments made with health improvements.

Although earthing isn’t considered a cure or medical treatment for disease, when the body is allowed natural contact with the earth, there is a radical reduction of inflammation. Inflammation in the body is a major cause of chronic disease and premature aging of the skin and cells.

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Earthing! What are you waiting for? Get those shoes off and take a stroll.

Safe and Happy Journey,

Rhonda and The Pack


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